05 is a membership based company and the cost of membership can initially cover either an 05 mobile service or broadband service (or both) supplied by 05 .

*Other services will be added as the concept grows..

  The aim is to eventually reduce even eliminate the members household bills by means of Rewards and membership participation.

  ** You may register as a member at no cost and simply refer friends who require our services and be rewarded through rebates generated by their participation.

  You are invited to take a further part by being a service user yourself with us and be included in the further reward programs as well being part of a LOTTO SYNDICATE (of 25)

  Members with services are encouraged, but not required, to source new members and in doing so will have further reduction in their membership cost by discounts applied as a result of the referral.

  Any new service obtained by the member for 05 will continue to give rewards for the life of the new contract as long as both the referrer and new client have an active membership with 05.

  All services are owned by 05 and the member has the use of said services for the term of the contract 05 holds.

  All hardware held for use by the member is to be covered by their personal insurance against loss or damage.

  At the end of the contract period the member is then given the option of continuing the membership and retaining the renewed service or negotiating an upgrade or reduction of membership costs.

  05 allows access to a large Data Share so that if there is any Data over use by a member in the plan we offer to the individual/business, they have a greatly reduce penalty than would normally applied. ($5.00/GB instead of $10.00/GB as normally required)  BACK