Potential Share Value

  In September 2015 a precedent was set on the value of a database of communication customers. TPG, a communications company, purchased iinet for $1.56 billion, with just over 800,000 customers.

  Not one of Iinet's customers benefited financially from that sale.

  05 has set up it's concept of profit sharing so its members would benefit from any sale or merger of its business.

  20% of the "Sale Price" would be pooled and shared with all loyalty share holders. The more shares** you have the greater return for you.

  40% of the "Sale Price" would be pooled and shared with those who have gained active services for us.
This will be based on the number of services you have in your group, each level holds a value relating to one service. 

  40% of the Sale Price belongs to 05 and it is 05 only that decides where the final balance is shared. No customer or active member is entitled to any of this balance.